Design-Build Construction
Contractors shaking hands during design-build construction in Peoria IL

Streamline Commercial Projects with Design-Build Construction in Peoria IL

The construction process for commercial structures can become long and drawn out. However, that process can be significantly streamlined with methods such as design-build construction in Peoria IL. Having your commercial design and construction completed under one roof ensures quick project turnaround with minimal errors or miscommunication. As such, Derrick Services helps our clients’ commercial projects come to life through the design-build method.

Why Choose Design-Build Construction?

Property owners prefer design-build construction for its simplicity compared to traditional construction methods. The design-build process reduces the potential for miscommunication, enables direct communication with contractors, and has numerous other benefits. For example, with design-build construction, you can expect:

  • Greater Organization – Finding the right designer, architect, builder and other contractors can be challenging. Moreover, ensuring efficient communication between all parties can be near impossible, with delays and miscommunications becoming more likely. Conversely, design-build construction ensures complete organization of all parties under one project manager, with near-instant communication between teams.
  • More Control – Different teams coordinating aspects of a project can sometimes create a conflict of interests. Unfortunately, not every contractor will see eye to eye. However, your contractors are already on the same team through design-build construction. Derrick Services creates a unified vision between all teams and ensures you’re included in direct discussions over the direction of your project.
  • Total Accountability – When problems arise with your commercial project, there’s no one party to blame. Often, involved parties will have different operating procedures and methods than other contractors, leading to potential discrepancies in timelines, budget, etc. With design-build construction, the managing company is responsible for leading your project’s success. Accountability is clear-cut, ensuring your project manager keeps your project on the right track.

The Design-Build Process

Derrick Services can get your business on the best path towards successful project completion. After selecting our team for your commercial construction, we begin the design-build process:

  1. Pre-Construction Phase – We sit down with clients to discuss a project’s goals, budget, timeline, potential hurdles, and overall vision. During this phase, we also implement site planning, which includes zoning management, a site analysis, etc.
  2. Design Phase – With project plans in place, we prepare first design drafts for our clients’ review. An architectural design will consider all local/federal regulations, building codes, your approved budget, and estimated timelines for project completion.
  3. Construction Phase – Once receiving final approval on building drawings and completing all pre-construction steps, construction begins in full. Your project manager will coordinate with contractors to ensure your project progresses safely, efficiently, and on time.
  4. Post-Construction – When construction wraps on your project, we do final inspections and walkthroughs of your new facility. If everything is up to your standard and you’re satisfied with the final product, we place the property into your hands! Additionally, we keep in touch with clients to ensure your facility continues to meet your needs well after project completion.
Commercial building designs that are part of Design-Build Construction in Peoria IL

How Derrick Services Stands Out

At Derrick Services, we put our clients above all else. We’ve seen too many company-client relationships become strained or distant as a project progresses. In contrast, Derrick Services emphasizes closeness with our clients. We provide friendly customer service paired with dedicated design and build experts always available for our clients. As such, we strive to offer a variety of commercial construction services:

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