General Contracting and Project Management
An engineer shaking hands with the project manager, as a part of General Contracting and Project Management in Peoria IL

Easily Manage Projects with General Contracting and Project Management in Peoria IL

It can be challenging to help your vision of a commercial project come to fruition. Managing multiple contractors, designers and builders can become overwhelming, especially if you have no previous experience doing so. Thankfully, Derrick Services offers assistance in the management of any commercial project. We can help guide your next commercial project to success through general contracting and project management for Peoria IL.

Why Rely on General Contracting

When seeking general contracting and project management through Derrick Services, you still have direct control over your commercial construction. However, when it comes down to the organization and progress of your project, our team can keep you on track. Some advantages to having Derrick Services handle project management include:

  • Access to Industry Experts – Seeking out the right teams for your project can take time and effort you can’t afford. Thankfully, Derrick Services knows the best people for your commercial project. What we don’t already have our own contractors for, we partner with local contracting experts when managing the various aspects of design and construction.
  • Staying on Target – If you’re not careful, budgets and timelines can slip into unreasonable territory, impacting construction progress. It’s the job of our project managers to ensure this doesn’t happen. We carefully plan and budget for your project, with plenty of consideration towards unforeseen circumstances during construction. A project manager ensures your goals and project requirements are all met.
  • Excellent Coordination – Ensuring all construction teams and contractors coordinate with one another can be difficult. For this reason, many business owners invest in general contracting services. Whether from a project’s inception or at the beginning of the construction phase, Derrick Services can help all parties efficiently communicate. A project manager keeps your commercial project organized, avoiding errors caused by miscommunication, unaligned objectives, etc.

What Does Your Project Manager Do?

Your construction project manager takes on multiple roles when directing commercial construction. Our goal is to ensure your project progresses with minimal disruptions. As such, your project manager will handle:

  • Contract negotiation for materials, equipment, labor, etc.
  • Project planning as it pertains to budget, timeline, etc.
  • Hiring and directing teams of contractors
  • Upholding all building codes and safety standards
  • Acquisition of necessary permits and licenses
  • Assessment of project progress and performance of involved contractors
Two engineers discussing construction as a part of General Contracting and Project Management in Peoria IL

Trust Derrick Services

Derrick Services makes a great effort to connect with clients beyond what’s “standard.” We believe building long-lasting relationships with our clients helps us understand what can make your commercial construction a complete success. With quick communication, guidance from industry experts, and incredible attention to detail, we offer additional commercial construction services to businesses in Peoria, Pekin, Morton and the surrounding communities:

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