Interior Framing and Design
A newly created office space after Interior Framing and Design in Peoria IL

Renovate Commercial Space through Interior Framing and Design in Peoria IL

Even if your business’s exterior face and landscape are beautiful and well-kept, an outdated interior can significantly impact the success of your business. Thus, finding the right professionals for managing interior framing and design in Peoria IL is crucial. Thankfully, Derrick Services has the experience and expertise necessary for updating and renovating your facility’s interior. Talk with our team today to learn how we can help!

Don’t Neglect Your Business’s Interior

Without a functional and comfortable work environment, you risk alienating customers and employees alike. Through interior framing, you can make the changes you need to ensure your business operates efficiently. Benefits of interior framing and design include:

  • Excellent Use of Space – When purchasing or leasing commercial property, business owners must make do with what they can find. However, not every building is set up to fit the specific needs of your business. With interior framing, commercial space can be reorganized/restructured to better accommodate your organization’s function. Through interior framing, new rooms can be created, offices expanded, and interior layouts optimized to max efficiency.
  • Improved Productivity – A drab and cramped workplace does not create a positive and productive work environment. Through interior design, you can create a space that’s cleaner, safer and more comfortable than before. Not only will your employees thank you, but your customers will notice the difference! Increased productivity can directly translate to improved service for your customers and clients.
  • Money Savings – While interior framing and design will cost you upfront, it can save you money further down the line. Better insulated walls, updated ventilation, energy-efficient windows, and more contribute to your facility’s utility costs. And if your building’s interior is old and outdated, you’re likely losing out on potential energy savings already!

What Does Interior Framing and Design Include?

No matter the scope of your project, Derrick Services can help. Whether updating a single office or doing a complete overhaul of your facility’s interior, we provide all the services necessary for successful project completion.

  • Framing – Architecture specialists assist in creating new rooms, expanding offices, and planning a facility’s interior layout. We understand the best ways to utilize commercial space and maximize its function.
  • Drywalling – After new frames go up, rooms are finished with expert drywalling. Depending on your choice of drywall material, we can ensure greater insulation, soundproofing, fire resistance, etc., for the interior walls of your facility.
  • Plumbing – Whether for a sink in the breakroom or public restrooms, plumbing is an essential component of interior framing and design. Our team consists of expert contractors well versed in updating or installing pipes, water heaters, plumbing fixtures, and more.
  • Electrical Wiring/Lighting – An electrician’s work can be dangerous if not done correctly. Thus, Derrick Services provides expert electrician services when installing lighting and electricity for your facility’s interior.
  • Design – In addition to ensuring your interior is spacious and functional, we also provide guidance for the style and design of your interior. From painting walls to selecting light fixtures, we match your business’s interior design with your style preference.
The metal framing of walls before drywall during Interior Framing and Design in Peoria IL

Doing More with Derrick Services

Unfortunately, commercial construction is no simple task. Thus, finding expert contractors to manage your project is crucial to its success. Understanding the trouble with commercial construction, Derrick Services strives to go above and beyond what other construction companies can offer. We build close relationships with our clients, providing excellent customer service, great attention to detail, and on-call industry experts to answer your every question. Some of the additional commercial construction services we provide include:

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Don’t neglect an old, cramped and uncomfortable work environment any longer! Update your facility with expert interior framing and design in Peoria IL by Derrick Services. Or, to learn more about our residential construction services, contact us today at 309-725-4172 for a free estimate. We are located at 368 Erie Ave, Morton, IL 61550.