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Residential new construction in Peoria IL in the process of being built

Build Beautiful Homes and New Construction in Peoria IL

The obstacles accompanying custom home building and new construction can be challenging for some families to overcome. From determining budgets to finding a suitable property, custom home design and construction isn’t something you should manage without help. Thankfully, Derrick Services has extensive experience as the primary contractor for new residential construction in Peoria IL. Rely on our team to help you achieve your vision of the perfect house within your preferred budget and timeframe.

Why Build a Custom Home?

Of course, new construction isn’t your only option for finding residential real estate. And in scenarios where you need somewhere to live relatively quickly, home construction might not be best for you. However, if building a custom home is something you can manage, it comes with some incredible benefits! For example, homeowners love and appreciate:

  • All New – Unlike moving into an existing property, building a home is all new! Your house will utilize new materials, the latest building methods, and updated appliances/tech. Not to mention, the age of your home means the chance of needing repairs within the first years of ownership is slim.
  • Energy-Efficient – New also means new windows, doors, siding, insulation, etc. For homeowners looking to be more energy conscious and save on their utility bills, your house will utilize the most energy-efficient products and materials from the start.
  • Completely Custom – Purchasing or renting existing real estate might mean you have to compromise on what you’re looking to get out of your property. Conversely, custom home design means getting precisely what you want in a residential property.
  • Avoid Real Estate – Illinois real estate can be a cutthroat market. Finding a home to match your needs, budget and preferences are already challenging. You might not even get your first choice if you end up in a bidding war with other homebuyers. Besides purchasing the parcel of land for your home, new construction cuts real estate sales out of the equation.

The New Construction Process

Derrick Services’ home builders will work directly with clients in Morton, Peoria, Pekin and the surrounding communities to help you meet your goals while staying on time and within budget. The new construction process consists of the following steps:

  1. Initial Consultation – We will meet to discuss your family’s needs, wants, and preferences, along with a preferred budget. After meeting, we will put together a proposal that outlines the type of home that can be achieved based on what was previously discussed.
  2. Choosing Building Sites – Once a proposal has been accepted, our team will work to secure the best building site if you don’t already have one picked or purchased.
  3. Preliminary Evaluations – We more finely tune your proposal, figuring in floor plans, specifications, cost estimates, etc. To meet your preferred budget, we will make adjustments as necessary.
  4. First Design Drafts – When initial costs and site planning have been finalized, our architects will produce drafts of your new construction design. After slight changes and adjustments, your home’s design will be finalized.
  5. Paperwork Completion – We prepare building agreements, blueprints, general specifications and other legal documentation necessary for beginning construction. After the finalization of this paperwork and financing, our contractors can begin!
  6. Building Your Home – Derrick Services continually updates you on the progress of your custom home. We are upfront about the scope of your project, providing as precise an estimate for timeframe and budget as possible.
  7. Final Inspection – Once construction is complete, we do one final inspection of your new home with you, ensuring it meets and exceeds your expectations, ending with you holding your keys!

Why Choose Derrick Services?

At Derrick Services, we emphasize our closeness with clients above all else. Unlike other local contractors, where you become “just another project,” our team works to build a relationship with our clients. Many homeowners choose Derrick Services because of our close attention to detail, excellent customer service, quick response times, and friendly contractors. As such, our other residential construction services for Peoria IL include:

Wood being cut outside residential new construction in Peoria IL

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When looking for friendly and trusted contracting experts to manage your new construction in Peoria IL, count on the Derrick Services team today. Also, if interested in commercial construction services, Derrick Services has you covered. Contact us today at 309-319-3435 to request a free estimate. We are located at 368 Erie Ave, Morton, IL 61550.