Specialty Construction
A team of engineers discussing commercial design plans during Specialty Construction in Peoria IL

Complete Unique Commercial Projects with Specialty Construction in Peoria IL

Storefronts and offices aren’t the only commercial structures Derrick Services can build for. Every industry and business has unique needs their facility must account for, and it’s our job to meet those needs. Through Derrick Services’ specialty construction for Peoria IL, we design and build structures that offer specific functions and benefits that apply directly to the standards of your industry.

Specialty Construction Options

The needs of a restaurant or grocery store vary greatly from what a medical facility might need. Thankfully, Derrick Services understands how numerous industries operate and the facility requirements necessary to make your business a success. For example, we provide design and contracting services for:

  • Medical Facilities – Hospitals, doctor’s offices, prompt care centers and other medical facilities must keep the safety and care of patients in mind. Thus, medical facility construction emphasizes accessibility, health and safety when designing your structure. Rooms are built to accommodate the needs of patients, nurses, doctors and required medical equipment.
  • Industrial Facilities – Factories and warehouses must incorporate individual office spaces and large work floors. Features such as large loading areas, high ceilings, open floor plans, an industrial electrical power supply, and more all contribute to your facility’s function.
  • Restaurants/Food Service – Appeasing health inspectors and your local health department are necessary for running a business that prepares, stores or sells food and drinks. When designing and building restaurants, grocery stores, etc., we must consider health code requirements, such as three-station sinks, adequate counter space, updated cooking appliances, industrial cold storage, and more.
  • Educational Facilities – Schools, colleges, universities and educational facilities can prove especially challenging for less experienced contractors. Not only must a facility include classrooms and offices, but special construction must be done for features such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, student housing, etc. Educational facility construction is a combination of multiple specialty construction options.
  • Agriculture – Construction of agricultural structures is different from standard commercial construction. Utilizing post-frame construction for most agricultural buildings, we help build large barns, sheds, warehouses, and space for storing agricultural equipment and machinery.
  • Residential Complexes – Apartments, condos and other residential complexes significantly overlap with residential construction standards. However, residential complex design and building are done on a significantly larger scale than your average house. Additionally, the plumbing and electric systems in place must support dozens of households, not just one.
  • Other Specialty Construction – There’s no limit to the unique structures we’ve helped design and build. Derrick Services’ team can contribute to constructing commercial facilities such as athletic centers, banks, drive-thru restaurants, hotels, and more.
A hospital being built as Specialty Construction in Peoria IL

Building it Better with Derrick Services

At Derrick Services, we believe commercial construction is more than a transactional process; it’s a relationship between your business and ours. We strive to see your business become a success through beautiful, innovative and highly functional facility design and construction. As such, we value fast and direct communication between you and our team of contracting experts. Some of our additional commercial construction service offerings include:

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