Basement Remodeling
Basement remodeling with couch and storage cabinets

Maximize Your Space with Basement Remodeling in Peoria IL

Does your home have a basement that isn’t being utilized? If so, why is that? Is your basement environment not set up to support living or recreation? Is it a challenge even using your basement as storage due to water leaking concerns? If any of this sounds familiar, there’s a way you can add additional functionality to your basement and increase the livable space in your home: basement remodeling in Peoria IL! And with help from Derrick Services, we can provide the renovations your basement needs to go from cold and damp to dry and comfortable.

Why Should You Finish Your Basement?

With all the extra space in your basement, why shouldn’t you find a use for it? When it comes to finishing your basement, here are some of the best reasons for doing so:

  • Added Home Value – A finished basement is a desirable trait among those searching for real estate. If you choose to finish your basement, it can boost your house’s value by a significant amount. Even ensuring your basement is sealed and dry is enough to add more value to your property.
  • Additional Living Space – Rather than find a new home or build out an existing property, why not make something of the space you already have? If your current living situation has you bumping elbows with your household, a finished basement might be all the extra space you need to live comfortably.
  • Energy Savings – If your basement isn’t finished, it’s likely not sealed. This means air can more easily escape from your basement, making it challenging to maintain temperature. However, by sealing and finishing your basement, your basement’s (and house be extension) temperature will remain consistent. Thus, you’ll spend less money on electricity trying to keep your household warm or cool.
  • Healthier Living – An unfinished basement likely lacks proper drainage and ventilation, crucial to keeping moisture from settling in. Increased humidity is uncomfortable and can help foster the growth of unwanted mold and bacteria. Thus, finishing your basement prevents mold from making its way into your home.

What Can You Use Your Basements For?

After finishing your basement, the possibilities are endless for your new living space! Here are some popular suggestions some of our clients have pursued for their basements in Peoria, Pekin, Morton and the surrounding communities:

  • Recreation Area – Large open spaces are perfect for setting up large entertainment centers, pool tables, arcade machines, bar counters and more! Create the ultimate recreation area for relaxation or hosting events.
  • Rental Space – Looking to make some extra money? If you aren’t using your basement, why not transform it into a small apartment/studio? A big enough basement can have you and your housemate kept entirely separate.
  • Kids Room/Playroom – Are rowdy kids becoming too much of a handful? When you can’t send them outside to play, let them play in the kids room in your finished basement!
  • Home Gym – As long as your basement is dry and sealed, it can be the perfect place for weights and workout equipment. Instead of trekking out to the gym daily, make the short walk to your basement.
  • Bathroom – Adding a bathroom to your basement is handy for households with only one existing bathroom. Even a simple toilet and sink reduces how often your household uses your primary bathroom.
  • Storage – Sometimes, you need your basement for the additional storage it provides. However, delicate items can become damaged in a basement not adequately sealed or finished. Ensuring your basement is wet-proofed helps keep boxed-up property and furniture in good condition.

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