A newly renovated kitchen as a part of residential construction for Peoria IL

Achieve Your Dream Vision for Residential Construction with Derrick Services

Derrick Services provides Greater Peoria residents with the most detailed, creative, high-quality residential construction experience in Peoria IL and the Tri County area. From updating rooms to building entirely new homes, we understand you have a vision for how your home should look. Let the experienced professionals at Derrick Services walk alongside you to help your vision turn into reality. The Derrick Services team takes all your ideas and turns them into your ideal home. We keep your project running on time, on budget, and we will provide you with the highest quality in both product and process. See some examples of the work we’ve done by checking out our gallery.

What We Do for Residential Development

Our dedicated, experienced and certified contractors have designed and built for every residential construction project imaginable. Some of our residential contracting services include:

  • Kitchen Remodeling – Does your kitchen seem cramped? Are you having trouble fitting in new appliances? Perhaps your kitchen’s counters and cabinets don’t fit your preferred aesthetics. Allow Derrick Services to design and remodel your kitchen or do a complete renovation of your outdated cooking space.
  • Bathroom Remodeling – We spend a surprising amount of time in our bathrooms! Needless to say, you should want to feel comfortable in this unique space. Whether looking for help installing new fixtures, replacing a bathtub or shower enclosure, or wanting to expand your restroom area, Derrick Services is happy to help.
  • Basement Remodeling – Homes with basements are a common occurrence throughout the Midwest. However, not every basement is considered “livable.” Rather than relegating your basement for storage only, Derrick Services can finish your basement. Basement finishing can add entirely new space to your property, helpful in creating bedrooms, bathrooms, dens, and more.
  • Room Additions – As your family grows, the space you inhabit might need to grow with you! Moreover, if you’d prefer to avoid the trouble of the local real estate market, see what Derrick Services can do for your current rooms. We have experience expanding rooms with bump-outs or can create entirely new living spaces for your home.
  • And More – There’s no limit to the residential construction services Derrick Services can offer. Whether looking to update windows and doors, wanting to add a patio to your outdoor space, needing a complete overhaul of your house’s interior, or anything else, our designers and contractors are ready to help you achieve your vision of the perfect home.
The exterior of a new home after Residential Construction in Peoria IL

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With the expert home building and design offered by Derrick Services, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider residential construction in Peoria IL. Sit down with our team to discuss your next home renovation, remodel or new construction. Contact us today at 309-319-3435 to request a consultation.