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Derrick Services completing a bump-out, one of several time of room additions in Peoria IL

Spread Your Wings with New Room Additions in Peoria IL

Are you starting to feel cramped in your own house? Your home should be able to provide you and your family comfort and support. However, if you’re continually fighting for space with the people you live with, you’re never going to feel “comfy.” When all is said and done, it might be time to consider room additions for your Peoria IL home. Thankfully, Derrick Services is the go-to contractor for Peoria locals looking to expand on their existing property.

Why Do You Need Room Additions?

As already mentioned, space is a crucial concern for those looking to build onto their house. However, while increased space is the primary motivation for most room additions, it isn’t the only reason you might want to expand your home.

  • Eliminate the Need for Moving – While finding a new home is one solution to your lack of space, this isn’t always the easiest method. Moreover, why would you want to part with your home if you live in a location you love and have already invested a considerable amount into your property? In such scenarios, room additions are the answer!
  • Increase Your Home’s Value – Room additions can also add validity to the prospect of moving. Expanding rooms out can give your house more value if there are legitimate concerns over the ability to sell your home due to a lack of interior square footage. However, don’t expand too much; you’ll pay more for the renovation than added value will recuperate.
  • Add What’s Lacking – Perhaps your current home lacks a separate room for your quickly growing child. Or, one bathroom isn’t enough for your entire household to share. Room additions can be more than simple expansions, allowing for the creation of entirely new rooms. You can add bedrooms, increase storage space, expand living areas, and more.

Types of Room Additions

Depending on your budget and needs, Derrick Services can offer various room additions in Peoria IL to supply you with the exact space you’re looking for. Examples of room additions we do include:

  • Bump-Outs – If your need for expansion isn’t great, a simple bump-out can be what you need. A bump-out is best for homeowners looking to add a single room to their homes. Additionally, a bump-out can add more space to an existing room.
  • Conventional House Addition – A conventional house addition is best for those looking to expand their interior significantly. We can seamlessly build onto your home, creating space for multiple rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Those looking to lease space or incorporate more than one family under one roof benefit the most from conventional house additions.
  • Sunrooms – If you wish to add more interior space to your home while utilizing your house’s exterior, consider a sunroom. A sunroom is a unique room addition that is best used as a recreational space or a supplemental living area. Standard sunrooms are not designed as permanent sleeping areas, meaning they don’t require central heating/cooling and can be built with oversized glass and windows.

How Else Can We Help?

At Derrick Services, our clients are our primary concern. While other contracting companies claim to put clients first, corners are cut throughout construction, and communications drop as deadlines approach. With Derrick Services, building relationships is our first objective. We get to know you, your family, your wants and your needs. Our greater understanding of clients allows us to accurately recreate your vision of perfect room additions, remodeling or new construction. Some of our other contracting services for Peoria, Morton, Pekin and the surrounding communities include:

A sunroom, an example of Room Additions in Peoria IL

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You don’t need to move homes to get more space, nor do you need to overexpand to meet your family’s needs. Ensure your room additions in Peoria IL are precisely what you require when choosing Derrick Services as your primary contractor. Or, for further assistance with other residential and commercial projects, contact us today at 309-319-3435 to request a free estimate. We are located at 368 Erie Ave, Morton, IL 61550.