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Contractors for a bathroom remodel in Morton IL

The Most Valuable Trends for a Bathroom Remodel in Morton IL

Derrick Services Contractors can add value to your home with an affordable bathroom remodel in Morton IL. In fact, many homeowners now are getting away from overspending on ornate, showcase bathrooms. Instead, recent trends in home improvement focus on bathroom design that better reflects daily usage and your lifestyle. After all, you spend part of your day in your bathroom every day. Your comfort should take priority. Also, bathroom remodels offer these other great benefits:

  • Replacing old, inefficient sinks, baths, and toilets with new energy efficient models can add as much as $2,000 to $3,000 to your home’s value
  • Repairing leaky fixtures or cracked floor tiles makes your bathroom safer and more enjoyable for daily use
  • Adding more storage space with open shelving, medicine cabinets, wall storage, or storage racks can make your bathroom feel less confining and cluttered
  • Toilet, sink, and bath updates can provide more efficient use of water and energy

With Derrick Services, you get home remodeling contractors from right here in Morton IL. Trust our 60 years of construction experience and 5-star rated services. Contact us now for an estimate.

Consider Swapping Out Accessories and Fixtures

There are no universal solutions when it comes to the best accessories or fixtures for a bathroom remodel in Morton IL. The goal is to make your bathroom feel airy and light instead of cramped. For example, something as simple as a round mirror can make a small bathroom seem larger. Meanwhile, a larger, chunky frame may make you feel claustrophobic in the same space. Plus, you do not always need to change out large fixtures like a bathtub if you have a tight budget. Focus on the add-ons such as a smart shower head or claw foot tub for that brand-new feel. Tell us your vision. We will make it happen!

Transform Your Room with Lighting

You can create dramatic shifts in the mood of any space by changing something as simple as the lighting. Whatever your lifestyle, we can make the changes to make your bathroom a better fit. For instance, we can install dimmer lights for more relaxation if you enjoy long baths. On the other hand, you may enjoy wall sconces on either side of your mirror for more flattering light to experiment with your makeup. For music lovers, we can install dual fan lights with tech features that use Bluetooth to play favorite songs. Most importantly, you do not have to spend a lot for a big impact with your bathroom remodel in Morton IL.

Bathroom Remodel Morton IL

Change Flooring and Tiles

You can change the style and function of your bathroom by switching up the color, design, size, or shape of tiles. For the best return on your investment, use materials that durable and resistant to heat and water. To add safety, use flooring tiles that are textured to prevent slip-and-fall injuries. Also, you can better protect from mold, stains, and humidity with extra grouting. For those seeking a big change, think about installing radiant flooring. With radiant heat floors, you save money on energy. Plus, you will not freeze your toes off in the winter! If you need help with tile options, consult with Derrick Services for your bathroom remodel in Morton IL.

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