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Transform Your Property with Home Renovation Contractors for Peoria IL

After a long day at work or on the road, there’s nothing more satisfying than arriving home. However, living in an old, outdated or crowded space can cause further stress in what should be your time to decompress. Not to mention, your current interior makeup might not support the needs of your household. If such is the case, it’s time to consider getting in touch with home renovation contractors for Peoria IL. Derrick Services can help transform your home into the beautiful, comfortable, spacious area you’ve always dreamed of.

Reasons You Might Need Remodeling

There are several reasons why it might be the right time for remodeling or renovation. Perhaps another addition to your family facilitates the need for some more space. Or, outdated appliances are no longer doing what you need them to for convenience or simplicity. No matter your reasons, Derrick Services can happily oblige with the corresponding residential construction services.

  • Increased Space – While a standard remodeling project might not add extra square footage to your home, it can still give you extra space. For example, kitchen remodeling can rearrange your kitchen to give you more counter space, storage, etc. Or, a project such as basement finishing can take an existing room and create a more livable space for your household.
  • Replacing What’s Old/Outdated – Nothing lasts forever. Unfortunately, this fact is just as true for your home’s interior. Bathroom fixtures can begin to leak, appliances can start to malfunction, and wiring/plumbing can degrade. Thankfully, home renovation can tackle such issues, ensuring your house is up-to-date and functioning as it should.
  • Helping with Energy Savings – While fixing what’s old and outdated, doing so can also assist with energy savings. For example, renovating your home’s doors and windows helps improve temperature control, thus helping reduce the energy used for heating and cooling. Additionally, renovation can include new and updated heating, cooling and ventilation, further contributing to energy savings.
  • Time for Change – Sometimes, there might not be something inherently wrong with a room or your home’s interior. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek the help of home renovation contractors for Peoria IL. Changing the look and feel of a room is all the reason you need to update your space. Aesthetics are just as crucial to the comfort and enjoyment of your property.
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Our Residential Services

At Derrick Services, we aim to provide our clients with the best construction and contracting in Central Illinois. Our goal is to implement creative designs, utilizing high-quality materials for affordable prices. We offer extensive residential construction services to make your dream home a reality. Some of our services include:

Additionally, if residential services aren’t what you need, Derrick Services specializes in commercial construction, such as design-build construction, project management and more.

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Your ideal house is just within reach! With the help of our home renovation contractors for Peoria IL, Derrick Services can bring ultimate comfort, style and function to your property. You can contact us at 309-319-3435 to request a free estimate. We are located at 368 Erie Ave, Morton, IL 61550.