Kitchen Remodel Peoria IL
A team member of Derrick Services installs flooring during a Kitchen Remodel in Peoria IL

Finding the Perfect Contractor to Execute Your Kitchen Remodel in Peoria IL

These days, deciding what changes to make to your space can be daunting. So, too, can planning and executing that vision. That’s why hiring an experienced professional to handle your kitchen remodel in Peoria IL is the right choice. An experienced team can help you make the right decisions for your space. They can even steer you toward options that are more readily available, thus cutting down on wait time while supplies are delivered. When you’re ready for the kitchen of your dreams, make the call to Derrick Services. We’re the proven experts at bringing your vision to life.

Derrick Services Will Spruce Up Your Entire Kitchen

The team at Derrick Services is that team you want for your home. Committed to your outcome and satisfaction, Derrick Services will be there with you every step along the way helping you understand what is possible and helping you to feel secure in the timeline for project completion.

As part of a kitchen remodel in Peoria IL, we can tackle the following:

  • Floors – Not only can we help you find the perfect look; we also know what surfaces are easiest to clean and maintain. That way, your kitchen floor isn’t such a chore.
  • Cabinets – Finding the perfect space to store all your cookware and appliances can be the perfect solution for a cluttered kitchen. We’ve installed all types and designs so you know it will be done safely and securely.
  • Appliances – Derrick Services will help you select the perfect appliance to fit your new kitchen design. Plus, we will always make sure to offer you options that can affect your utility usage in the future so your new kitchen can save you money down the road.
  • Countertops – Replacing countertops can transform a kitchen. The team at Derrick Services will help you choose the perfect surface for your kitchen. We work with granite, stone, laminate, butcher block, and more. And we can even help you find more space for food prep by redesigning your counter layout or adding an island.
A team member of Derrick Services puts finishing touches to cabinets during a Kitchen Remodel in Peoria IL

We Offer Many Residential Construction Services

Do you have other visions for your home? In addition to kitchen remodels, our team offers over 30 years of collective experience. We are well versed in the construction needs you may have. Our services include decks, bathroom remodeling and basement remodeling, and room additions that can increase the size and value of your home.

Get in Touch

Derrick Services is the skilled team to call when you need a company you can trust. Whatever your construction needs are, you can count on us to get you to the finish line. Contact us today at
309-319-3435 to get started on your kitchen remodel in Peoria IL.