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Derrick Services contractors can take worries about stress, cost, and time out of kitchen renovations in Morton IL. We understand if your concerns cause you to hesitate on a decision to renovate your kitchen. However, renovations provide you with a chance to build out a space into a better fit for your lifestyle. A kitchen renovation can mean the difference between a space that frustrates you and one where you love to spend time. In addition, kitchen renovations can provide the following benefits:

  • More functionality from added storage, meal prep, or dining areas
  • A better fit for your lifestyle
  • Added space to place storage, counters, or more seating
  • Smart technology upgrades that make operating appliances easier
  • Better energy efficiency to cut utility bills
  • Increased property value
  • More happiness with your kitchen and your home

We provide personalized construction services that fit your lifestyle, needs, design preferences, and budget. Our Morton-based contractors use their 60 years of experience to provide affordable residential and commercial construction services. Our many 5-star customer reviews speak to the quality of our work. Request a free estimate online now.

Kitchen Renovations Add More Functionality

If your current rooms lacks work or storage space, let our contractors help with one of our kitchen renovations in Morton IL. After all, it can get old fast when you bump into open cabinet doors or other family members in a cramped space. Our contractors can plan a renovation that provides the most efficient use of your space. That way, you can gain all the room for meal prep, storage, and seating that you need. Often, lighting upgrades also help to make your kitchen a more enjoyable place to prepare and enjoy meals.

Make Your Kitchen Fit Your Lifestyle

Cookie cutter kitchen floor plans rarely work for many households. If you are frustrated with your existing layout, consult with Derrick Services for one of our kitchen renovations in Morton IL. If you love to bake, we can add some counter space to let you prep and roll out your dough. Meanwhile, we can create a space that accommodates more people at once if your busy family needs to eat and run. On the other hand, coffee, beer, or wine connoisseurs may prefer a space to make or display their favorite beverages. No matter what you love to do in your kitchen, we can customize it to better fit what you want to do in it.

Create a More Efficient and Sustainable Kitchen

If your energy bills are sky high, you may trim some of your expenses with one of our kitchen renovations in Morton IL. For starters, our contractors can ensure your room contains enough insulation. Next, we can replace older doors and windows with newer ones that offer more energy efficient designs and features. In addition, we can take out older faucets and appliances that are causing you to waste water and energy. As an added bonus, we can install smart appliances if you love voice-activated technology or using apps on your phone to control settings.


Kitchen Renovations Morton IL

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Derrick Services contractors will not make you overpay for kitchen renovations in Morton IL. Our affordably priced construction pros also handle new construction, basement, bathroom, additions, and deck projects, too. Contact us now to request a free estimate for your home improvement work. For more information about our company and our services, call us at 309-725-4172. We also invite you to check out pictures of our recent projects on our Facebook page.